Im Safe and Sound !!


Dear family and friends, Who have been worried for me, first, I must thank all of your love and concern. *HUGS* It's really in hard times like this when I truly feel all the love. And yes, I will continue to update on facebook and twitter whenever I have internet access.

Well, to let you in a little I haven't really been lonely except for the ongoing extended holiday, but a rather transformative quarter life crisis has kept me company. As well as the sun, mountains. A few guy dramas later I can also say how very privileged I am to be able to indulge in any type of crisis so in order for it to not have been in vain I have captured some of it for you. I've immersed myself in trying to figure out what actually is going on inside of me when the lights go out and the music stops and to deal with the complexities and aftermath of life and love I've been writing like my life depends on it. Which I realize it actually does. There is no such thing as "time off" if you're in the search. I'm in the search and I've been lost and found and lost and found. What I'm trying to say is that I am still alive and well, humbled and thankful, blue and blessed, scared, aching and searching. Younger and older then I've ever been. And I hope you haven't forgotten about me as I haven't forgotten about you and I cannot wait to share it with you! Both through my blog and through my photographic escapades so please clear some room in your heart and mind and hard drive or whatever they are called as I will be updating shortly.

Love truly and always,

Hayley Lyla