Applying for a bank account/EC card in Germany

I have been using my HSBC bank card to withdraw money in Germany. Each transaction costs me €2~4 Euro. Since I may stay in Europe for the next few months or even longer so I decided to open a local bank account/ATM card. I ask couple of friends of mine about which bank would be the most convenience bank to use in Germany. Most of the people I know think that Deutsche Bank is the best despite the fact that Sparkasse has the most ATMs/cash machines in total. Here is some online research I've done.

  • Cash Group - Formed in 1998, the largest private banks (Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank, Postbank and Hypovereinsbank) are members of Cash-Group, which has around 9,000 ATMs.
  • Sparkassen - The Sparkassen are regional, semi-state owned banks easily recognized by the "S" logo. While each regions' Sparkasse is an autonomous bank, they don't charge for using ATMs in other Sparkassen. There are about 24,000 Sparkasse ATMs in total.
  • Volksbanken - The Volksbanken / Raffeisenbanken is another nationwide network of regional banks, with around 18,000 ATMs.
  • CashPool - The smallest of the four ATM networks with about 2,300 cash machines. Member banks of the Cash-Pool network include Citibank, SEB and Sparda-Banks.

I decided go for Deutsche Bank :) As there is no big difference between the banks other than fees and availability of ATMs. Besides, Deutsche bank offers 37,000 ATMs network over Italy, Poland, Spain, France and More. It's definitely handy when I travel to other european countries.

-Bring your passport along with a confirmation of registration ( your a permanent address in Germany).

-Here's branch and consultant's info that I went.  The bank consultant  speaks fluent english and you can make an appointment by email as below :

Schönhauser Allee 120, Berlin ( Next to U-Bahn ) Contact: Tobias Theilemann ( Say Hi for me if you go there :) ) Tel: 030 473757-32 Email :

The monthly charge of EUR 4.99 will be waived If you are under 30 years. Services included E-banking + 24/7 phone banking ( in German or English ) + ATM + Branch Service.