November - Herrsching am Ammersee

Herrsching am Ammersee  

I've been very unmotivated to take outfit pictures since I didn't feel like dressing up under cold weather, including today. Therefore, I'm going thru my iPhoto album and trying to find pictures to post.  In the summer time in Germany , the weather was beautiful and I had many days to get out of the house and just take pictures. 10 Things i love: 

I. The beach, BLUE sky and SLIVER sands and Good weather II. People who do good deeds just for the hell of it III. Summer over winter, Spring over fall IV. My family and friends and my iPhone V. Traveling with my besties and get to meet awesome people from all over the world. VI. Being as free as I can possibly be… VII. Good music by talented people VIII. Caramel Cappuccino with whip cream and toffee and fruit smoothies IX. Sleeping without having to wake up at a certain time. X. Getting Body massages, Oxygen Facial

10 things i loathe: I. People misspell my name . its H-A-Y-L-E-Y, (not harley or heyley) II. I hate being called Chinese. I’m from Hong Kong...not China. I'm a Hongkongese. Its like When you ask a Bavarian where are they from, you will get a very typical answer of “I’m from Bavaria”. Even though Hong Kong has been returned to the sovereignty of China for almost 15 years. it simiply means we have our own Hong Kong cultures, languages, tradition, law system, and ways of lives..which is very different than people in China. Comparing HK to China, it’s like comparing HK to Taiwan. Or comparing China to Korean. Which is really not exactly the same. We all have our own little culture differences and we live under different government system. People who ancestry were not from HK would not know HK culture and wouldn’t understand what I am telling them.

III. PMS. seriously, i get depressed and feel all alone.... :(

IV. I'm a pescetarian and I never really liked meat that much. V. Those who mistreat and abuse people and animals. I will never understand how this could ever happen. VI. Bugs, Insects, any living thing that's not human, animal, or plant VII. Very COLD weather that numbs my whole body. Once my nose was running and I didn't even feel it VIII. When somebody eats my food without asking me. I'm very selfish when it comes to food. IX. Ignorant people. people who do drugs, people who hurt others without knowing. X. Repeat myself  more than twice