Nürnberg Chriskindlesmarkt

Last week I was in Nuremberg (German : Nürnberg ) for a weekend with my travel buddy for a fun photo shoot and took these while on our way to the Nuremberger Christ Child Market ( German : Chriskindlesmarkt ). As of recent, whenever I couldn't manage to take my outfit photos (and neither can the hosts/travelers at my Journey ,) my girl Lion has been taking my photos whenever we're traveling together and for someone who doesn't have any prior photography experience, I feel like she's getting quite good. I was so happy to be in Nuremberg again even its super cold out there. My fingers basically were so numb that I can't even feel its movement at some point LOL.

It has been over 6 months since I was away home. I have finally confirmed my return ticket get home. Woohoo...I can wear all my high heels ( last post here) AGAIN after all these traveling. I wanted to wear my jacket ( the one and only winter jacket in my luggage ) to represent! I'm not a big fan of winter naturally but still have mad respect for snowy white winter so it was fun wearing this jacket whilst in Nuremberg.

Photos by Lion Lai

Shoes : Zara Studded Flat boot