Life update

life update Things are okay. I bailed on that job because it wasn't really what I was expected.

It's getting hotter here; more sunshine than I would ever have expected to see in a city. It makes everything lighter, brighter; but it is windy. Thankfully, the weather was kind to us (I tend to bring the sunshine with me wherever I go ! perhaps it's because I was born in summer Haha)

life currently is enjoyment every day, home relaxation, brunch having, tufty hair, not having enough money. Listen to all kinda music, studying and drawing,  facebookin', Tumblr', instagramin', BIG TIME. Poolside partying, traveling .... not to mention , confusion, frustration, denial, stress, relief, weekends, bailing on plans, wasting time. blind hope.

I still need to sell most of my clothes and jewelry ; i want to live in pastel colored closet. I am growing out of myself but growing into - what? I don't know! I just want to be light and organized and fresh and forever young. clean lines and stylish clothes and good music and drinks in a cafe and a white bedroom with a big desk by the window for my music. shelves with books on. predictable. obvious. sleek Scandinavian design, new kicks, hip hop, cliches. sartre and  tea, lemons, honey,  tea tree soap, views of skylines, tower blocks, eating out. pop-up shops, art openings, documentary films, cocktail party, short nails, clear skin. daisy perfume. bare floorboards. open windows, ice in the freezer, trip hop, Asian food, cooking for friends. cozy mornings, adventures, touching skin, water from a jar. avocados.  Victoria's Secret underwear. window shopping, topshop, doing more shoe design , re-design the blog.