h0les glasses conceptual accessories

h0les glasses are an experiment in light and perception. The glasses are different from traditional eyewear as high-quality, glass prisms replace traditional lenses. The โ€˜conceptual accessoriesโ€™ have recently came under the spotlight after celebrities such as Lady Gaga were seen wearing them! Unfortunately, the glasses are as impractical as they look; you will not be able to see much while wearing them, but boy will you look cool! Imagine looking through a kaleidoscope in both eyes, that is what you can expect while wearing h0les eyewear.

In the past week, Lady Gaga has been spotted wearing eyewear from the range multiple times around NYC. Check out some pictures of her and the glasses below!

Best of all, you donโ€™t have to be a celebrity to get in on the trend! h0les glasses are easily accessible to the public as a small range of the eyewear has been made available on an online store. The prices of the glasses range from $80 to $125. The store can be found at h0les.bigcartel.com.