Self Portrait

It’s nearly holiday season and the sun has come out to play once again, so have you started packing up your charming cocktail wear and resort dresses for your vacation?

When it comes to packing for a trip, I look for pieces that are comfortable, simple and easy to match with the rest of my wardrobe. One of the things I’m always excited about in summer is being able to embrace more and more vibrant colours and quirky accessories for my journey. 

At the moment I’ve got my eyes on the guipure lace dresses from self-portrait. These self-portrait dresses are the answer to our prayers for all the wedding parties and birthday parties we need to attend. Even if you're just looking for that extra special look for a glam night out, nothing quite compares to a gorgeous new dress, right?  And when you’re not quite the standard height person in the room, it’s hard to find a dress that’s just the right length, so when I do, I don’t let go. 

I’ve got such a soft spot for these seriously adorable guipure lace dresses that I now have them in two different colours. Maybe I don’t really need the same dress in two colours but it’s definitely easier to match with my shoe collection!  

I’ll be stocking up on all shades of lace dresses, paneled shell tees and sheer layered maxi dresses, as well as playful accessories such as heart-shaped clutches and statement arm swags.

Is it bad that we want it ALL? Who'd have thought achieving a great resort guest style would be so easy? I can’t wait for the extra bit of freedom that comes and get to explore a little bit of outside Hong Kong.  



最近比較喜歡的其中一個品牌self-portrait。 他們的網帶蕾絲裙非常嫵媚迷人,簡單而飄逸舒適的鏤空設計,也是我夏季之旅裝扮中必定會用到的單品也是A-lister的最愛。無論是婚宴或者生日派對,甚至只是需要一件華麗晚裝的藉口。這種輕鬆自如又有些度假休閒風的裝扮生活中也很適用。而當你找到一件長度恰到好處的裙子那就不容放手。 


我已迫不及待準備每天要穿那一款self portrait的連衣裙。從簡約帥氣變為甜美淑女配搭上奇趣的耳環項鍊及心型手拿包 。