Men's fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 16/17

The cool weather is still here with us for a little while longer, so I want to give some tips to all the men out there, with a look at some trends in Men's fashion for the autumn/winter 2016/17 collections. Guys, this is for you! 

- Raw denim

Raw indigo denims bring a premium sensibility to core items with their clean construction this season, as we see more tailored influences return for double-denim styling on the catwalks and at street level. The increasing influence of items such as the denim trucker jacket and straight-leg jean will further evolve these looks as new items such as the denim suit build in importance. Neat fits underpin this trend, with boxy jacket shapes offering a modern take on workwear and retro styles.

- 原始牛仔 (未經洗水處理的牛仔布)


- Indigo

Continuing to drive casual and more formal silhouettes, indigo knit structures continue their presence as a commercial fabric option that maintains a premium feel. Saturated colour feels newer, while more textural piles add tactility to tailored items, emphasising the relaxed mood derived from casual workwear-influenced assortments. 

- 靛藍


- Waffle

Authentic waffle knits and jerseys return for menswear, in line with military references. Core items such as the crew-neck sweater update with the season’s rich core colours, including outdoor greens and smoked raisin, creating a modern appeal. Henley tees will be an easier sell, pushed at the younger end of the market as a layering piece. Watch too as this construction fuses with sportswear as utility and street looks combine. 

- 華夫格針織


- Patched

Maintaining an artisanal quality, patchworked effects and patch placements continue to be important for men’s items, and are particularly focused within casual denim assortments. While true artisanal techniques such as Japanese boro will remain at a premium price point, more accessible options come through in simple blocked placements for jackets, shirting, knits and jeans as the patch jean gains pace, updating straight-leg five-pocket styles. Military influences are newest here, with rip-and-repair patches updating core items such as the shacket(shirt and jacket)with an anarchic urban mood that sits well with young contemporary professional. 

- 左修右補的風格


- Repair wear 

The recent boom in repair wear services and businesses is driven by two key factors: sustainability and an emotional connection to the product. As people redefine value, both in the purpose of the item and the monetary worth, there is an increasing importance on repairing cherished products rather than replacing them.

- 重新修復二手品(鞋,包)