Whilst I am not a hit the gym seven days a week and low carbs high protein diet girl, I do happen to like exercise. I was encouraged to begin with yoga when I realized I needed something that helped me escape from everyday stress and something that made me proud and love my body. Bikram yoga has became a big part of my life, it's where I get my strength, peace of mind and energy. I think it's the heat that really got me hooked, but also the flow between all the poses, my amazing teachers and the other yogis who inspire me. It is difficult to say what I want to reach with my yoga since it is a practice, and you can practice forever, but I would love to go on a yoga retreat abroad and eat, breath and sleep, yoga everyday! The rush of endorphins post class is the most beautiful feeling and keeping healthy whilst you’re at it is even better.  I think this must be the first time I’ve posted a sports inspired post for my blog. 

There’s also been a boom in the new, emerging yoga wear brand and swimwear designers coming out with their smaller brands in the last three to four years, who are focused on pushing the design boundaries . 

Time to plan dreamy holidays and incorporate these fitness outfits into your summer wardrobe says here is some of my choices. 

Om Shanti is really just for yoga. They are beautifully cut and their weight, really is perfect for hot yoga. These pants have flair for days. My two pairs of these pants get more attention than any other pants I own. 

Ozzie - This company makes absolutely stunning sports bras with fancy backs that would make anyone want to try out a backless top. But they also make perfect leggings for hot yoga that manage to be both effortlessly comfortable as well as highly stylish.

Jaymes - Designed by model Jamie Allen,  Jaymes swimwear features fun 60s inspired prints mixed with lace in cheeky modern shapes. 

She Made Me - SMM has THE MOST beautiful crochet swimwear ever invented. It’s sexy and skimpy, but her natural neutral colourways give her collections a true 70s vibe. 

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