Taylor Boardshort Your Ultimate Swim short

Taylor Boardshort Co has just released their new range of men’s swim shorts, designed for finding new breaks, and new bars. Taking the design beyond the traditional boardshort, they’ve brought a more tailored approach to men’s swimwear.

The shorts have been built for swimming yet double as a tailored item, suitable for any summer adventurer. They are shorts designed to go from beach to bar or wherever your day takes you. And whether you have the dad bod or the beach bod these shorts are fit for every setting.


The bespoke range draws inspiration from the four elements evident in one’s day including the sand, sea, summit and sky developing four colour ways to represent each; orange, blue, green and pink.

Made from 100% polyester microfiber with quick dry properties, the shorts come with side fasters for a tailored fit and are bar-tacked at all stress points for reinforcement. The insides are finished with a polyester mesh lining for comfort and include a dual concealed snap and button combination to withstand whatever the day throws at you.

Why you will love them

They are so versatile, and can be worn for different occasions. Taylor Boardshorts really do fit into the lifestyle of many Australian men. They’ve also created an online magazine, where stories are shared of the guys that inspire, people out there, living the lives we all want to be living.

Why you will hate them

Don’t expect to purchase a pair on the weekend. For Taylor, the weekend wasn’t made for sitting on the internet, buying clothes. It was made for getting out and living life. Like heading to the beach for a surf. Or trying out a new bar.

So at the beginning of each week shorts are made available. And by Friday the shorts are gone until the following week. But this is actually a good thing right?

The shorts are priced from only $75 USD the shorts are available exclusively from Taylor’s online store.