Cold Shoulder for Cold Weather

Hello there, Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. If you follow my blog you will notice that I was in Shenzhen OCT loft for a fair bit of time. I was going thru my photo album and seeing photos you took that you forgot about gives you the same thrill as accidentally finding treasure in my bag! Maybe it’s also a sign that I need to be organised, though…

Anyway, I found these photos taken in Shenzhen from around this time of the year, taken maybe two years ago now – when I still had short hair with a turquoise hair end. How does it make you feel when you look at photos of yourself from a few years back?

Wearing: Lace cold shoulder top from Seoul/ Long black pant/ Studded Sunglasses/ Zara Suede cowboy boots -  Shop my wardrobe here

Photographer: 橙無口