Better Than Flowers

This may be the new standard by which all Valentin's day gift 🎁 (and all boyfriends) will be measured.

Better Than Flowers is a Hong Kong-based website founded by a French digital entrepreneur, who realised that while flowers serve a purpose, your loved ones want something better than flowers from time to time.

Their flagship product is Love in a box; delivered directly to your door, the gift package opens on a heart-shaped balloon flying out of the box carry out a lovely personalised card with the message to your loved one, your family or your friend.

When they open the box, a heart-shaped balloon flies out carrying a card with your custom love message...The moment you know why it is better than flowers :)"

Thank you so much @betterthanflowershk sending over love balloon ❤️🎈sweeten my Valentine's Day. Use "179cmandup" at checkout for 10% off

Pro tip: Men, if you really want to make your ladies be happy, then go for gifts that show you actually listen to your conversations. Making her a bouquet of chicken nuggets, if you think that’s what will make her happy. Oh, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving her red roses if you’re absolutely sure that’s what she wants. Make sure to give a nice message, too.