Being UNITED is such an empowering feeling!

By bringing together a community of like-minded Creativepreneur, we want to create a safe space to make connections and be supported, and where people can easily share their thoughts on their health, social and business lives, thereby creating more time to take action.

More importantly, to have the ability & health (mental, physical, emotional) to be Busy!

Do you identify with our message and community?

Join us to make a difference to the world around us. Help us reach out to other Creativepreneur to inspire them to lead an active & healthy lifestyle too.

Here are 4 simple ways you can contribute to the movement!

1. Join our Community

  • Introduce yourself to the creavtives in our Closed Facebook group
  • Follow us on Linkedin 
  • Find fellow Creativepreneur on Instagram via our hashtag Creativepreneur. Hashtag the same in your posts to share your active lifestyles, #moments, etc with the community!

2. Refer a friend

Know a friend or fellow Creativepreneur who can benefit from joining the community to live better, together?

P.s. We may surprise you with a mystery gift! ;)

3. Empower a For A Creatives Businesses

  • Develop conscious consumption habits and support For creativepreneur brands in the Community.  

4. Share a post on social media and tell your friends about Creativepreneur Project!