Hidden Cocktail Bars Adventure (USD)

Hidden Cocktail Bars Adventure (USD)


Forget all the common tourist sites. I'm going to show you how we really party in Hong Kong. They don't call it "the city that never sleeps" for anything.

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What weโ€™ll do

I'll take you to selected Cocktail Bars exclusive and elusive bars in central/Soho proposing different themes and atmospheres in order to discover their universe. I'd be delighted to share with you some of my hand-picked off the radar places I've chosen for your enjoyment. Trust me, these are some of Hong Kong's rarest finds. You'll experience a tailor-made evening, We can go to a cool rooftop lounge with amazing views, hidden speakeasies, or a vibrant well-known club. We'll be sneaking upstairs and downstairs into unmarked doors through alleyways and above establishments. 

Depending on the date of the tour we will explore unique parts of the city. We'll immerse ourselves in the night as we grab drinks, chat, and pass through historic streets. Anyone with an open mind and an appetite for adventure and laughter is welcome.

Visit my site @eatingwilltravel for in-depth information and reviews of Hong Kong lifestyle.

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What Iโ€™ll provide

We DON'T offer drinks cause we want you to enjoy as you decide. We can recommend the best drinks in each place :) 

Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend. 


We will visit at least 2 bars, so plan on spending on spending 2+ cocktails per person. 
The bars are exclusively serving cocktails, make sure to have dinner before we meet.

Where weโ€™ll be

During this experience, you will get to uncover selected bars/lounges that usually take months for others to discover. Usually, we can walk everything but the tour can be customized (by request) and we take a short cab ride (5-10min) to secret bars that are in another part of town. 

  • Rooftop lounges 
  • Music lounges
  • Speakeasy bars

At the end of the night if you want to stay out, I'll also point u to places you might want to visit afterwards too!