Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室

First opened in 1952, Hoi On Cafe is a quaint Cha Chaan Teng close to Western Market in Sheung Wan. Located near the sea, “Hoi On” literally means “sea safe” in Cantonese, a phrase that’s used to wish people safe returning from sea fairing voyages.

On the Menu: macaroni with ham in soup; deep‐fried peanut butter sandwiches are known as “French” toast; and sweetened condensed milk poured over red bean paste and a compressed ball of shaved ice, a concoction that's halfway between a dessert and a beverage. Hoi On was once the cha chaan teng of choice for sailors docking at the nearby ports. Several years ago the owner’s daughter gave the place a good scrub up and, to bring the place back to its former glory, hired new staff — including bakers to make their famous coconut tarts. One of the very few authentic old-school HK diners keeping it real in this fast-moving cosmopolitan city. 

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CONTACT: 25406340

LOCATION: 17 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan 


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