About Hayley

Hayley Lyla 郭聿婷 is the editor of the blog, HayleyLyla.com, which launched in her gap year in Germany embracing fashion, food and lifestyle back in 2012. Born and Raised in Hong Kong, she began as a fashion buyer & designer. With the rise of Instagram and mobile technology, The street-style blogger turned influencer, is now running her creative studio in between Europe, China & Hong Kong. She splits her time between creating e-commerce stores via her online creative studio, organizing events, mentoring, building community and guiding fashion & entrepreneur around tours and consulting for brands who need a constant flow of digital content for their social media channels.

How Can I help

I’ve got a strong business network in Hong Kong. Apart from running a creative community, I also organize monthly meet-up and would be happy to open up my network for meaningful introductions. My primarily network is fashion, creative, marketing & startup founders, co-working space. My passion is empowering creative entrepreneurs and driving tech innovation in Asia.

I’d be happy to contribute articles & content, participate in interviews, share opinions, trends, information and resources with relevant members.

What Am I looking for

I am looking for new network, actionable advice and great people & ideas with win-win cooperation. Anything goes to speaking at events, writing for relevance publications, people introductions and mentoring. please feel free to reach out to me personal

Fellow influencers! Do get in touch via hello@hayleylyla.com, Wechat : lylahayley

Really looking forward to continued connection and of course, future ACTION!