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Note: The calendar might not show properly on certain Firefox or IE browsers. You can manually input the date format: YYYY-MM-DD. If your promotion/event is approved, we will charge $500 HKD for the listing. See our FAQ below.




What types of events or promotions does 179CM & UP HK cover? 

Let’s talk events first. Here are the types of events that 179CM & UP automatically covers, or treats as priority:

  • Large-scale events, concerts, fairs and festivals (500+ participants)

  • Free, public-interest events

It’s not pure science, but if you’re promoting events like ClockenflapArt Central, or a popular street festival, chances are we’ve already got you covered. For anything else, we most likely will treat it as a private event — and we don’t automatically cover private events.  

What about other promotions?

We treat promotions like product launches, pop-ups and restaurant or travel news just like private events. We don’t automatically cover any promotions.

But I have an awesome event/promotion coming up, and 179CM & UP will be sorry to not write about it!

No matter what you’re promoting, you can always be proactive and submit your event to us, following our specified format below. We will reply to your submission within 24 hours, and if we agree on how awesome your event is, we will edit your submission, charge a $500 HKD listing fee*, then publish it onto 179 cm and up HK. If we don’t approve, we won’t publish and we won’t charge.

*via PayPal — if you need a different payment method, please alert us somewhere within the submission form

How does an event/promotion listing look like?

Your story will cycle through our Homepage, our Events & News page, and all relevant section pages.